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Business Support & Missions

Business support

We offer operational, logistic and language support to companies,  cooperatives, government agencies and executives from Great Britain, Latin America and Europe.

Our clients can rest assured that they will receive confidential,  discreet and impeccable interpreting services during their business meetings and events outside of their countries. 

We listen to our clients and we will do all we can to create solutions to better address their challenges. We deliver seamless service anywhere in the world.

Technical Missions

We  provide a program manager and/or head-interpreter, who will be responsible for the group during the entire program. 

We assist organisations in arranging field visits abroad,  planning meetings and agendas during their stay.

We rely on a pool of high calibre and experienced interpreters,  who have a deep understanding of cultural and linguistic nuances, and who master the necessary terminology to better serve our clients.

We provide all the receptive logistics for the event in the UK,  Latin America and Europe, including transport and accommodation.

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CO-NXLTD is registered in England and Wales. Company No.11968882

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