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Professional Interpreting and Consultancy Services

At CO-NX, our core principle is the unwavering belief that language barriers and cultural distinctions should never impede the pursuit of organizational objectives. Strategically headquartered in England, we specialize in delivering premium interpreting services and consultancy solutions to global entities.

Language Interpretation: Bridging Global Networks

Our commitment to supporting companies, cooperatives, delegates, and individuals engaged in global networks is at the core of CO-NX's language mission. We excel in delivering meticulous, confidential, and professional interpreting services for meetings and missions abroad. Our distinguished team of highly qualified and seasoned interpreters, complemented by our proficiency in organizing workshops, international missions, and tailored courses, positions us as the preferred partner for esteemed universities and institutions.

Business Intermediation: Expert Guidance in Global Commerce

CO-NX is focused on providing consultancy and intermediary services for companies seeking to navigate complex trade negotiations with Brazil and other LATAM countries. Drawing upon extensive experience in international trade, our consultants offer a depth of expertise to address intricate market dynamics. We are committed to customizing our services to meet each client's specific requirements, ensuring the success of their international business endeavours.

Versatility and Specialization: A Benchmark in Niche Markets

We take pride in our distinctive specialization within this niche market, coupled with the adaptability required to meet the dynamic demands of digital commerce. At CO-NX, we stand as a benchmark for professionalism, dedicated to breaking down barriers and facilitating seamless collaboration on a global scale.

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CO-NX LTD is registered in England and Wales. Company No.11968882

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