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Our Mission

We believe that the language barrier and cultural differences should never stop us from achieving our  goals.

CO-NX’s  mission is to support and assist companies, delegates and individuals working in global networks by providing precise, confidential and professional interpreting services and logistical support. The world is experiencing an increased demand for video conferences, remote and hybrid meetings, which CO-NX has been able to excel in through our partnership with virtual platforms offering remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI).

We support companies in the United Kingdom and beyond to interact with Latin America during their meetings and missions abroad. We are based in England and have an excellent pool of highly qualified and experienced interpreters in the UK, Europe and Latin America covering commissions and events worldwide.

We operate with an interchangeable mindset, offering the same services to Latin American companies and institutions visiting the United Kingdom and Europe. We organise workshops, missions, and tailor-made courses with renowned universities and institutions, and all the receptive logistics, including transport and accommodation.

We pride ourselves on being unique and specialised in this niche market, while also versatile for the demands of digital commerce.

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CO-NX LTD is registered in England and Wales. Company No.11968882

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